July 6, 2017


About From Director Steven Spielberg

Established in 2011, From Director Steven Spielberg is an unofficial online resource focused on the work and career of Steven Spielberg. More than just a blog, it aims to get to grips with Spielberg’s work on a deeper level, analysing themes, tropes and motifs that the director repeatedy explores. The ultimate goal is to provide insight that shines a new light on Spielberg’s cinema and helps educate readers on how one of the most significant directors of all time creates his work.

It does this through a variety of methods. Long form essays, opinion pieces, blog articles, educational guides and video and pictorial essays are used throughout this site to help make Spielberg’s work accessible to as broad a range of people as possible. Spielberg himself is interested in communicating to a wide audience, and this site believes that analysis of his work should do the same.

From Director Steven Spielberg is not affiliated with or endorsed by Steven Spielberg, Amblin Partners, or DreamWorks in any way. Please DO NOT contact me if you want to get in touch with Steven Spielberg as I will not be able to help with your enquiry. 

About the Author

From Director Steven Spielberg is created and written by Paul Bullock. Paul is an experienced content strategist, content creator, copywriter and digital marketer based in Manchester, UK. Professionally, he has worked on some of the biggest brands in the UK and around the world, while in his personal life he has written about film and pop culture for publications such as The Huffington Post, Starburst magazine and Den of Geek. He has self-published an eBook about Jurassic Park, and had essays included in a book compendium about Spielberg’s work. You can find more of Paul’s writing at Kids Riding Bicycles.

Contact the Author

If you’d like to know more about From Director Steven Spielberg, or want to ask Paul a question or request work, get in touch at the link below. Writing on this website is all copyright the author, but can be republished, either for a fee or with the proper creditation. Those interested must contact Paul and ask permission before republishing: paul@fromdirectorstevenspielberg.com

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