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About Steven Spielberg

Find out more about Spielberg's life and career with the below links.
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About Spielberg

Find out more about Steven Spielberg’s life and career with this timeline of key events and films, from his birth in 1946 right up to the present day.

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From daring archaeologists and sea-faring police chiefs to iconic presidents and history-making lawyers, all Spielberg’s films are covered here.

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Spielberg Books

Looking for the best books about Spielberg’s life, or something relating to one specific film? This library checks out all the best volumes on the market.

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Unmade Films

The films Spielberg hasn’t made are as fascinating as the ones he has. Find out about all the near-misses with this rundown of Lose Spielberg films.

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Top 10 Spielberg

Spielberg’s made over 30 films during his five-decade career, but which is my favourite? Find out in this run-down of my ten favourite Spielberg movies.

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Spielberg’s Influences

Spielberg is influenced by a wide-range of people across film, art and history. This page explores those people and the influence they have had.

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Historical Resources

Spielberg has touched on a number of major historical moments in his films. This page offers ways to find out more about them.


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Insight and resources about Steven Spielberg's work

Established in 2011, From Director Steven Spielberg is an unofficial online resource focused on the work and career of Steven Spielberg.

More than just a blog, it aims to get to grips with Spielberg’s films on a deeper level, analysing themes, tropes and motifs that the director repeatedly explores.

The goal is to provide insight that shines a new light on Spielberg’s cinema and helps educate readers on how one of the most significant directors of all time creates his movies.

  • Breakdowns of Spielberg's style
    and camerawork in detail.

  • Long-form pieces designed to
    offer in-depth insight.

  • Visual explorations of Spielberg's
    style and aesthetic tropes.

  • Shorter form work designed to
    offer lighter information.

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